Advanced Analytics & Applied A.I.

Advanced Analytics

Developing a Data Warehouse or Data Lake requires a robust & scalable Cloud Infrastructure such as AWS and/or Azure. The gathering of structured, unstructured data from databases, social media and Web content may be aggregated for a reliable and robust source of analysis.

Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

The current boom in all things AI was catalyzed by breakthroughs in an area known as machine learning. It involves “training” computers to perform tasks based on examples, rather than by relying on programming by a human. A technique called deep learning has made this approach much more powerful.

Knowledge Transfer & Training

The major steps toward facilitating knowledge transfers in the company is through our PMO.

Our PMO has established a Central Knowledge Repository (CKR). By doing that, we have a central station for different routes of knowledge transfers, connecting the individual, project and organisational levels. The following tasks are best practices within our PMO: building and maintaining the data repository, identifying individual level needs, and creating the sets of reports which will be completed at the project and organisational levels to ensure feedback from end users of the Central Knowledge Repository. Furthermore, our PMO is responsible for enriching the central knowledge repository from external sources of knowledge, e.g. recognized standards and tools in the project management field. In practice, our PMO facilitates two types of knowledge: internal and external. In order to make the system operationally effective, training sessions for different groups involved in projects are scheduled on a regular basis. Training can be ported, scaled and distributed globally to different market.