Data Center Migration

Leave your Data Center Migration to the Experts. 

We have successfully Relocated over 1+ Million devices Globally,


Experience that matters - Turn-Key Solutions

IT MOVES & RELOCATIONS. When you are moving your production data center, labs, or servers, your company is on the line. This is where experience matters.  We are IT Migration Experts with a proven track record of successfully relocating and migrating over 1+ million server devices for small and large businesses. Where it is one device or thousands of devices, there is no move to small or big for us to handle.

  • Deployment of New Equipment
  • Rack, Stack, Cabling for Data Center or Lab
  • Data Center Moves
  • Data Cabling Backbone
  • IT Relocation Project Management
  • Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes
  • JARVIS - Live Migration Tracking (FREE - included with services)
  • Zero downtime Migration (migrate over te wire)
  • New Design or Retrofit for Data Centers or Labs
  • Enterprise Network Architecture and Configurations
  • Connectivity Hardware (Servers, Switches, PDU's, Racks, Heating & Cooling, Cables)
  • Deployment of New Equipment

JARVIS - Live Move Tracking

Just a rather very intelligent system

JARVIS makes it possible for you to see every IT asset, VM, Software, Application, Switch, Server, Storage Device, Compute Device, PDU, Box, Cable, Status, etc. of where it is at before, during and after you project migration or build, all in real-time with pictures.  Can you imagine being able to manage your moves from anywhere in the world just as if you were there?

With EMR CPR, you have more time and money to focus on your core business.  We focus on your IT to improve operations and cut expenses.  Stay up-to-date on technology, gain access to skills while we remove the burden of IT.  Address issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk so we can most importantly implement state of the art managed IT Services.

Know what is happening before it is started.  Plan, Design, Track, Install, and Maintain your projects. Proprietary to EMR CPR, we provide you JARVIS, for FREE with our services.

  • Post Move Portal (end user support functionality)
  • Automated Alerts (text or email) for when equipment is complete
  • Automated Reporting
  • Project Management (Scope, Schedule, Budget)
  • Status Updates (updates as they actually happen)
  • Before / After Pictures in real-time
  • Asset Management
  • Live move tracking by site, user, device, etc.
  • Internal Ticketing Portal (fix issues as they arise)

IT Relocation Project Management

Take advantage of our team’s commitment to the success of your next project.  We have fostered long-term professional and community relationships deeply and uniquely rooting us in the commercial data center and lab relocation industry. 

Put our experience to good use to ensure your next technology project is completed to satisfaction. We have established a wide-spread reputation for IT Project excellence from small to large businesses throughout the world.

  • Industry Focus
  • Move Management
  • IT Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes
  • Transportation
  • E-waste / Liquidation
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Full End to End Solutions
  • Smart Hands
  • Migration Managment
  • Trained and Certifed Teams

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Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes

We make your move seamless and easy.  If you are growing rapidly or consolidating, as a result you need to move equipment to take things to the next level. EMR CPR's team will create a productive workplace by transforming and improving your environment. From installs, moves, adds, changes to deployments and decommissions, our suite of solutions delivers an exceptional experience.  We are highly-skilled experts who work with you to understand the needs of your environment to execute an optimized project plan for your migration or ongoing support.


Do you need new equipment, software, infrastructure installed?  Well, you have come to the right place.  Let us help you manage, plan, implement and control the flow of your installs for Software, hardware, and related IT services from the point of origin to the point of consumption by engineers and technology end-users.  

  • Infrastructure Installs (racks, cable management, PDUs)
  • Hardware and Software Installs
  • Back End Cabling (Copper and Fiber)
  • JARVIS (ask us for a demo)
  • Live Project Updates
  • Build Images
  • Rack, Stack, Cable
  • Build OS
  • Software Installations
  • Custom Scripts
  • Go Live Support


We provide oversight and guidance to ensure projects are successfully executed on-time and within the assigned budget parameters.  We show you the way to manage the IT logistics support services in support of your requirements.

  • JARVIS (ask us for a demo)
    • Live Project Updates
  • Pre-move Planning
    • Project and Client Communication Plans
    • Process Assessment
  • Physical Transportation
    • Move management
    • Trucks, Speed-packs, Machine Carts
    • Special Equipment
    • Riggers
    • Movers, Installers, Drivers
  • IT Disconnect and IT Reconnect
    • Cloud Based Asset Tracking
    • Real Time picture of all origin and destination assets
    • Equipment, Desktops, Servers, Labs
    • Infrastructure Equipment
  • Rack / Stack / Cable
    • Create Cable Diagram
    • Patch and Cable copper, fiber, power, etc.
    • De-rack and Rack servers and switches
  • Post Move Support
    • Onsite End-user Support
    • L1, 2, 3 Engineers - on-demand
  • Post Deployment Support
  • Automated Remote Deployments
  • Install, Configure, Test
  • Asset Management
  • New Software
  • Switches, Servers
  • Network
  • Hardware


Are you upgrading, changing, or adding equipment during your migration? We have the people, processes, tools, and technology to do this for you.

A strong Move, Add, Change (MAC) request process is essential for lessening the burden on the IT department. The complexity of a MAC request depends on the scope of the project, the skills available, and the business needs. EMR CPR can address any number of tasks, including:

  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • JARVIS (ask us for a demo)
  • Live Project Updates
  • Equipment Adds (backbone cabling, racks, switches, servers, PDU's, cabling)
  • Consolidation of Equipment
  • New Equipment
  • Network Relocation
  • New Account Setup
  • Equipment Swaps and Replacements
  • Smart Hands
  • Go Live Support
  • Move Changes
  • Rack, Stack, Cable
  • Software Deployment
  • Hardware Deployment
  • Data Center Room Changes
  • Inventory Validations and Updates
  • Decable, Derack, Move, Rack, and Cable Manage


In every move, there are changes and it can be hard to manage.  Therefore, you need an expert to help you manage these changes so you can focus on the strategic items.  We help you plan to reduce move changes and provide oversight and guidance to ensure your moves are successfully executed on-time and within budget.

We have a proven track record of providing professional and specialized teams, including project managers and engineers.  We are big enough to support any customer, yet our organizational culture allows us to give special attention to details such as safety, quality assurance, frequent communication, last-minute changes in drawings, working with the various construction trades, and installation schedule modifications.  Our Professional Services Teams are united, flexible, and focused. We are so confident about our abilities that we give a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on every service we offer.

  • JARVIS (ask for a demo)
  • Live Activity Updates
  • Existing Hardware Swaps
  • Configure, Upgrade and Test
  • Imaging
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Existing Software Upgrades
  • Updates and Patches

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