Low Voltage - Data Cabling

Low Voltage Innovative Solutions

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, EMR CPR is a leader in IT services and a AAA grade low voltage cabling contractor. Over the years, EMR CPR has established its serious reputation through servicing various large Fortune 500 companies within the high-tech, biotech, medical/healtcare industries as well as government entities

Our Company

EMR CPR is a Low Voltage contractor for a multitude of segments including the high-tech, biotech, healthcare, government: our expertise varies from small businesses, commercial buildings, large industrial premises to fortune 500 campuses. Our reputation relies on our expertise and ability to design, build, support and maintain large fiber optics and voice/data infrastructures

Our Services

From installing low voltage cabling to splicing fiber, EMR CPR has always emphasized continual internal education to ensure that our technicians are extremely well prepared to face projects of any size and complexity including imminent emergency situation. EMR CPR is proud to offer the following quality expertise:

Low Voltage Data Cabling


  • Design and engineering
  • Installation, support and maintenance
  • Field testing and documentation
  • Installation of fiber optics
  • Structured low voltage infrastructure
  • Utility Vault Diagram
  • Cable Tray Relocate Design
  • Voice / Data Networks
    • Horizontal Premise Cabling
    • Large Count Riser and Areal Cabling
    • CAT 5E, 6 AND 10 GIG UTP/shielded
    • Documentation and as-builts
    • Post support services
  • Fiber Optics Solutions
    • Splicing, terminating and testing
    • Installation and Cable Placement
    • Emergency Restauration Service
    • Long Haul Underground Pulls
    • Distributed antenna Systems (DAS)
    • Critical situations: on demand fiber optic support & repair
    • Fiber Optic Network Audits
  • JARVIS: Real time tracking platform for projects of any size and complexity
    • Real time and remote monitoring and controlling
    • Live updates on project status
    • Real time & post installation analytics

Customer Service

Over the years, we have built our reputation from word of mouth and by translating constantly our company’s leitmotiv into excellent customer service. Our extensive low voltage and IT experience as well as our real-time tracking platform (JARVIS) have allowed us to develop the ability to respond in a fast, efficient and professional manner to the high-speed communication needs of our customers. The DNA of our success can be described as follows:

  • Through processes and workflows, we define our best practices clearly at the beginning of each service engagement with the customer: we emphasize strong communication and complete transparency at every level of the project to help the customer save costs and focus on other important priorities
  • EMR CPR views low voltage projects in a holistic manner by taking into account every single detail of a project. Through this holistic approach, we are able to deliver quality services on time and within budget by anticipating and resolving any issue before they become serious and costly problems
  • We provide skilled technicians that are extremely well prepared and are able to proactively address complex and large projects. Our technicians are serious professionals who have been diligently trained and have extensive experience with low voltage infrastructure (installation, splicing, testing, termination etc…)
  • EMR CPR has demonstrated the ability to respond in a fast and efficient way to critical urgent problems due to uncontrollable circumstances and natural disasters: making sure that your activity is running smoothly is our highest priority