EMR CPR Orientation Course

10 students

Hello and Welcome~!

In this course you will be introduced to EMR CPR Global IT, within these segments/ lessons we will go through a “thorough overview” of services provided (team structure, main roles, responsibilities, & accounts). We will then focus on “Internal Quick base Portals” & usage, after the focus will shift to preferred (vendors, contractors, 3rd party) usage, how to manage, and track history. Lesson 4 will solely focus on “internal”/ “external”/ “client” email etiquette for preferred communication as well as next steps to ensure client satisfaction. Our next lesson focus will be our “Raci Chart” which outlines responsibilities/ team duties, description, & how many in this role are required for decisions. Category/ Lesson 6 is to review EMR’s “MVP Employee Program” goes over purpose, & criteria which segway’s into “employee performance evaluations” as well as “Mentorship”. Lesson close out with “Sunset Reviews” continued with “client satisfaction survey”/ “Follow up”.


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