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    Referral Program Policy


    At EMR CPR LLC, we strive to find and hire the best talent available — people who exude our values and choose to contribute to our company goals. We believe that our existing employees, who already meet these criteria, are in a great position to help us find the best candidates. We recognize that current employees are likely to refer only those individuals best suited to work at our company, and therefore we wish to reward them for their referral efforts.


    We accept employee referrals for any of our open positions. We also welcome referrals for highly skilled individuals who may not match up exactly with an open position.


    To reward employees who participate in this program, we provide the following incentives:

    ● $500 for any referral submitted who is hired by EMR CPR LLC. The referral must be with EMR CPR LLC for minimum of 6 months and accrue minimum of 1,000 working hours.
    ● You can referral multiple participants.
    ● There is no limit to how many friends an employee can refer per year


    To ensure that you get credit for a referral:

    ● You must submit the candidate through this online form.
    ● You must be an employee in good standing at the time of submittal and upon payout of any incentive. The referring employee and the applicant referred must both be employed by EMR CPR LLC when any referral bonus paid.
    ● You must not be the hiring manager or a member of the HR department
    ● You can referral multiple candidates.
    ● If a candidate was already referred, the first person to refer on the online form is the person who qualifies for the program.
    ● The employee referral must be made at least one (1) day prior to the candidate’s date of application.
    ● Referred candidates cannot be current employees of EMR CPR LLC in any capacity including interns, temporary, contract or intermittent employees.
    ● This program is subject to change at the discretion of EMR CPR LLC


    Please email quesitons to career@emrcpr.com.