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Video Surveillance & Access Control

Feature-rich intelligent video surveillance solutions ideally suited to the security demands of every industry. EMR CPR has the answer to deter attacks, manage incidents, gather and protect video evidence and enhance coordination with law enforcement officers. We are the open platform leader in software-centric video solutions. We innovate to answer the need for sophisticated yet simple to use surveillance products.

  • Video Surveillance Infrastructure
  • NVRs / Video storage retention through cloud storage, video surveillance monitoring
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring
  • Access Control Infrastructure and Management
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Security Cameras
  • Real-world Commercial Security Designs
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Badge Readers integrated with NVRs and Security Cameras

Access Control

Upgrade to our  state-of-the art access control system.  Our Access Control works with ours and 3rd party access control controllers, biometric devices, CCTV and Intrusion devices.  

Integrate access with our cameras, linking video clips and pictures to specific events or alerts such as as a door opening at a specific time.

Our products still work when the power goes out, ask us how?

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Space just got personal.

Thermal Cameras

Check employee’s and visitor’s temperature from the camera.  Automated alerts with high temperature. No long lines. Feel safe no matter where you are.

Thermal cameras can be used in a variety of applications including Covid-19, imaging in darkness, detection of personnel and intruders, hot or cold objects, flare and safety monitoring and permanent protections.

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