Eaton High Density rack PDU

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Created with data center design in mind, the Eaton High Density (HD) rack power distribution unit (PDU) builds off the best-in-class Eaton ePDU G3 technology. High density means more outlets in the same space and fewer PDUs to support your equipment’s power needs. With more outlets than any other PDU, this data center PDU not only gives you the number of outlets you want, it also gives you the type of outlets you need. The HD PDU offers two configurable outlet module slots with IEC and NEMA options. Mix and match the 10 modules to configure up to 54 outlets. In addition, you can configure the cord entry position and cord length of the Eaton HD rackmount PDUs and install them easily with a tool-less mounting system for a seamless box-to-rack transition. With a configurable color chassis and alternating phase outlets, you can easily identify where power is coming from and going to in rack enclosures while also quickly distinguishing between A and B power feeds.

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