OM4+ Universal LC™

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The Universal LC™ makes you future-proof. Now there’s no need to make additional investments due to increased demand for Mini LC.

The Universal LC™ features:

  • Adjustable Pitch incorporating the standard LC (6.25 pitch) as well as the mini LC (5.25 pitch) which is in growing demand. The Universal LC™ measures 11.4 mm, making side-by-side mini SPF+transceivers possible

  • Reversible Polarity

  • A Rapid Release Latch™, designed to allow technicians to use a simple “push/pull” method for removing the connector from a crowded panel. Adds, moves, and changes are accomplished quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

  • High Density 2 mm Jacket. Typical fiber optical cables are jacketed separately with a width of 6 mm. The Universal LC™ is creatively designed with both simplex fibers into one jacket while still terminating into a duplex LC or SC connector. The High-Density jacket measures 2mm in width, a space savings of over 66%!

  • Bend Insensitive Fiber (BIF) to prevent fiber breakdown and substantial power loss.

*Ask us for a quote for discounted pricing.

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